Some of the most helpful tools we have to protect our loved ones are health care and financial powers of attorney. The laws are similar whether your situation involves a young minor child or an older adult. When a loved one becomes incapacitated, guardianships and conservatorships are the next level of protection. Yet too often, the decision to access these protections is delayed until the situation becomes dangerous or until the situation has already resulted in physical, emotional or financial damage to those we love. If you have wondered whether or not a guardianship or conservatorship may be beneficial for one of your loved ones, consider the following.

Top 10 Reasons Why You May Need to Apply for a Guardianship or Conservatorship:

  • Your loved one is unable to make appropriate decisions related to their medical needs or their finances.
  • Your loved one is not willing or is unable to sign a power of attorney.
  • Your loved one is easily agitated or regularly becomes aggressive or combative.
  • Your loved one often gets lost or becomes disoriented, but continues to operate moving vehicles.
  • Your loved one is being taken advantage of by a family member or friend or a stranger.
  • Your loved one has trouble controlling their spending.
  • Your loved one is not safe in their current living conditions, but refuses to move.
  • Your loved one changed power of attorneys multiple times.
  • Your loved one gave power of attorney to a person that is not trustworthy.
  • Your loved one needs to be treated in a mental health facility.

If you recognize the above situations or behaviors in one of your loved ones, they may be desperately in need of the protections offered through a guardianship or conservatorship. Applying for a guardianship or conservatorship can provide you with the ability to protect your loved one while looking out for their best interests. If you have questions about how to apply for a guardianship or conservatorship or about what the benefits of an Arizona guardianship or conservatorship are in your situation, please get in touch with one of the experienced attorneys at SHERIDAN LAW FIRM, PLLC today.

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